AR168M VoIP Module Example

Steven Young is an undergraduate student from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication. He had done an Atmel AVR mega 128L hardware board and related software to work with AR168M VoIP module earlier this year. The full hardware and software design is now for open download.
The mega board has connected a 2×16 LCD and 4×4 keypad to make a fully working IP phone. The hardware schematic is in OrCAD format. The open source software is compiled using WinAVR2004.
Steven can be reached by email He will be glad to make more development based on the mega-AR168M system upon request.
For more information of AR168M VoIP module and its standard 8051 example, please also read here.
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One Response to AR168M VoIP Module Example

  1. 雅菁 says:

    AR168M 模块举例
    Eudaemon是一个北京邮电大学的一个研究生。他在今年早些时候做了一个Atmel AVR mega 128L的硬件电路板和相关的软件,可以和AR168M VoIP模块一同工作。这个硬件和软件可以从下载。该电路板同一个2×16的LCD和4×4的键盘相连,构成了一个完全的IP电话。硬件原理图是OrCAD格式的。开放的软件源码是用WinAVR2004编译的。
    Eudaemon可以通过warmbupt@gmail.com联系。他很愿意按照要求在mega-AR168M系统的基础上进行更多的开发。关于AR168M VoIP 模块的更多信息,可以阅读:!D39D5CB681D148C0!310.entry!D39D5CB681D148C0!317.entry!D39D5CB681D148C0!318.entry

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