Small Device C Compiler 2.9.0

Once a year, the open source SDCC development team will update a major version. On March 22 they released 2.9.0.
The Windows SDCC binary files still use MSVC 6.0 to compile. But the 10 years old MSVC 6.0 can not run with Windows Vista any more. As I was out most of the time in last week with my Windows Vista laptop, I was not able to try it until this weekend.
The only thing related with our AR1688 Z80 in the 2.9.0 release note is "many optimizations to reduce code size and increase speed in the Z80 backend". This statement is true compared with 2.8.0 release on May 2008. But actually the code size is larger than 2.8.3 test version which we started to use on Nov 2008 (with AR1688 0.40 software release). But anyway, I believe in release versions, so we will release AR1688 0.44 software based on SDCC 2.9.0.
As usual, the SDCC compiler is located in our software API SDCCbin. It is smaller than those binary files directly downloaded from SourceForge because we only have Z80 and MCS8051 compiled in.
We need open source MCS8051 compiler too because our AR168M VoIP demo application was built on a 8051 controller.
To keep up with my 64 bits Windows Vista, I will not learn any other 8 bits CPU besides Z80 (in AR1688) and 8051 (in PA1688) any more. Palmmicro is also moving into 64 bits in 2009.

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5 Responses to Small Device C Compiler 2.9.0

  1. Rongrong says:

    一年一度的,开放源代码编译器SDCC(英文对应的意思是给小处理器用的C语言编译器)的开发团队会更新一个主要版本。今年的2.9.0在3月22号正式发布。这个编译器在Windows下的执行程序仍旧是用MSVC 6.0编译的。不过Windows Vista已经不再支持10年前的MSVC 6.0了。由于上周我几乎一直带着我的Windows Vista笔记本在外面跑,一直拖到这个周末才有条件来测试这个新版本。在2.9.0的新功能说明中只有一条跟AR1688用的Z80有关,翻译成中文是“对Z80进行了大量编译优化工作,减小了代码量,加快了执行速度”。跟2008年5月发布的2.8.0相比,代码量的确减小了些。但是2.9.0编译出来的代码量其实是大于AR1688从去年11月0.40软件开始使用的2.8.3测试版本。无论如何,我相信正式发布的2.9.0会比2.8.3好,因此我们打算在AR1688 0.44的软件发布中包括SDCC 2.9.0。跟往常一样,SDCC编译器会在SDCC\bin的目录下。跟直接从 下载的Windows可执行文件相比,我们单独编译的版本会小些,因为它只包括了Z80和MCS8051的部分。我们需要开放源代码的MCS8051编译器,因为我们在AR168M网络电话模块的示例软硬件中使用了一个8051。(!D39D5CB681D148C0!379.entry)为了与时俱进,跟上我的64位的Windows Vista。我决心不再学习Z80(AR1688)和8051(PA1688)以外的其它8位CPU了。Palmmicro也要在2009年加入到64位的时代潮流中。

  2. Zhao says:


  3. Zhao says:

    在SDCC的页面上看了,它在Windows下的可执行程序are made by cross compiling to mingw32 on a Linux host,不是MSVC6.0编译的。

  4. Zhao says:

    找了一个AMD 的64bit CPU,运行64bit的Windows Server 2008,sdcc的windows编译器还是可以正常运行的,编译了一个hello world,没有出错。或许是你的64bit的Vista设置有什么问题?

  5. Rongrong says:


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